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    “Tamara, I cannot tell you how much it means to me to hold in my hand a replica of the necklace you created for Beauty and the Beast! It arrived in the mail today and when i took it out of the package I just burst into tears. I had no idea I’d have such an emotional reaction, but truly, every time I look at it, my eyes fill again. It’s so lovely, but more than that, it’s a connection on an elemental level with the show and the characters that have meant so much to me for so long. Touching the crystal seems to focus the intensity of my feelings, and it becomes a conduit for them – it’s very powerful. Thank you for being open to re-creating this small miracle for us fans. I just can’t express how much it means to me personally. Thank You! ” –JoAnn – San Diego, CA

    “Tamara, I rec’d the B&B pendant on Friday.   IT IS ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!  I LOVE IT SOOOOOOOO MUCH!  YOu do such beautiful work!  It almost makes me cry to see it.  It reminds me of the series in such a lovely way….Thank you for designing such a wonderful pendant for Catherine during the series.  It brings back such happy memories of Catherine & Vincent, Father, Mouse, Joe, Mary, Jamie, etc., etc., etc.  God Bless! ” — Stacy   Wellesley, MA

    ” I just received the necklace.  I LOVE IT!  Thank you, it is beautiful.  It is just the right size asnd hangs just right.  I love the rose design on the wire wrap.  It looks just like the one in Beauty and the Beast.  I will always treasure this, because you designed it, and because of the connection to Catherine and Vincent.  I will send you a photo when I can get my niece over to take the photo with her digital camera.  Again, thank you.  Love & Hope,” —Linda  Mesa, AZ

    “Dear Tamara, I have been an avid fan of the show Beauty & the Beast since 1987 and I can’t believe that I didn’t know about you or your jewelry designs until now.  Your Catherine’s crystal necklace has really inspired so many of us fans – I’ve attempted to make my own, or have one made, many times over the years.  It was the perfect symbol of the mystical, romantic quality that I loved about the show.  I’ve heard that you will be coming to our gathering in New Orleans this year and I am so looking forward to the chance to meet you in person!  Sincerely, Rosemary”–  NJ

    “Hello Tamara,  Here is my check for Catherine’s necklace!  I am sooooo excited!  So, when you feel the time is right to create it for me, I will be looking forward to receiving it.  To kmnow that the necklace that I will be wearing around my neck will not only be a piece of jewelry that was created to reflect the “special feelings” that Vincent had for Catherine, but that is handmade by the artist who created the original piece for a wonderful TV show!  Again, I thank you and I will forward a picture of me wearing it (although we just might have to “airbrush” my face! LOL)  Blessings, Suzi — Indiana

    “Sorry Tamara I have been meaning to send you an email to say  thank you.  Yes I have received it and it’s more beautiful than the  picture.    Thanks again,  :-)” — Julie, New Zealand

    “Hi Tamara,  I’m Pam’s mother in law and just had to thank you for my beautiful Crystal Necklace.  I am wearing it now and want to wear it always, but I also don’t want it to be damaged, LOL.  So I will treasure it and wear it only on special occasions…I truly feel the love which this creation has inspired and my enjoyment of Vincent and Catherine’s story has been enhanced 100 fold.  I can never thank you or Pam enough for this precious treasure.  Love, Lyn.” — NSW, Australia

    I loved the whold cncept of the necklace equally with how personalized and granular you get to make it what it is!  Being an Aries sun, of course I love red, but it doesn’t always go with everything, does it?  I love the idea of the citrine representing the sun, the pearl for the moon–I like amethyst, and it does represent my moon and ascendfant.  I do love clear and the swarovsky crystals.  I’m attaching some pictures of myself to give your an idea on what would work for me.  Let me know what else you need to know to personalize it!  I’m so jazzed!! — Dara,  CT

    “I saw your advertisement in The Mountain Astrologer. I’d been looking for astrological jewelry for a while, waiting for a piece that felt right. Your’s had a personal touch, and I loved that. I also admired some of your other pieces, from the High Tech Shaman collection.   I don’t wear earrings, but I loved the crystal web pendant necklace.       Your pieces look very original, and I’m looking forward to seeing the Birthday Bracelet.”  –Jennifer N. New York

    “First and foremost, I LOVE YOUR DESIGNS!! …I enjoy astro related jewelry, yet haven’t found classy designers such as yourself and have been limited to commerical astro-gemstone jewelry through retailers. Your upscale appearance, genuine quality, unique designs and elegant beauty is exactly what I’ve been seeking. Truly, you are the caliber designer that I’ve been looking for to partner/affiliate with.”- –AstroDaija, Washington

    “I just wanted to thank you for getting the order out so quickly to me. My mom Loved the neckalce and earrings and was so excited to get something so unique for her birthday this year! She is showing all of her friends and I am sure you will be getting more customers very soon. She also enjoyed reading all of the literature you sent along with the jewelry. She thought that was very fun. Thanks again for all of your help! I will definitely order from you again.”–Dawn, San Francisco, California

    “I came upon your advertisement while leafing through a recent issue. I had been agonizing for weeks over what to get her for her birthday — and when I checked out your web site, I was bowled over by the unique beauty of the jewelry showcased there. I was particularly impressed by the elegant simplicity of the Lapis/Fluorite necklace. As we all know, it’s a chore to find a really special gift for somebody who already has everything. And although I am a Libran with Jupiter in Aquarius, and believe I understand Aquarians rather well, choosing a gift for one (especially for the female of the species!) can be a particularly daunting task. I want to thank you and your wonderful web site for making this task so much easier.” —Dennis – Los Angeles, California