HIGH TECH SHAMAN – Unique and Original Art to Wear – Rainbow Titanium and Raw Copper Designs are Flame Painted by Hand then Threaded with Gems and Natural Crystals.  (View Products)

ASTROCHARMS- Astrology Birthday Jewelry – Reveal Your Cosmic Identity with Symbols of Planets and Astrology Signs Enhanced with Birthstones and Swarovski ® Crystals. (View Products)

RENAISSANCE – Evoke the Beauty and Grace of an Illuminated Time.  Renaissance and Royalty Inspired Adornments featuring Pearls, Crosses, Prayer Jewelry and Gemstone Enhanced Ornaments.(View Products)

MYSTIC’S WEB –Crystals and Gem Web Creations Energize Naturally.   Mystical Designs Created to Raise Consciousness through Polarizing Focus and Frequency Enhancements.  (View Products)

LIMITED EDITIONS Customized Expressions Created to Enhance Your Radiant Essence.  Selections of One of a Kind Handmade Designs or Numbered Series Creations.   (View Products)

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