Weaving threads of influence from enlightened cultures, this internationally known West Coast artist forms a tapestry of designs that uplift, empower, and embrace the individual.

“I hope my designs enrich people to express their own mystical connection to creation; and bring this radiance into their everyday lives“, comments Ms. Thompson.

Tamara’s work embodies her love of natural beauty and a lifetime study of classical East-West symbolic traditions. A sculptor and painter by training, she takes a studio art approach to jewelry design by custom fabricating many of her own components. Her use of anodized copper, titanium, precious and plated metals enhance her mixed-media crystal and gem accessory collections.

Tamara created Catherine’s “Anniversary” crystal necklace for the Whitt-Thomas production of TV show “Beauty and the Beast“, character jewelry for “Star Trek – The Next Generation“, and custom designs for celebrities and commercials.

Her “High Tech Shaman” collection is hand painted with fire and combines space age reactive metal titanium or raw copper, surrounded by gems and natural crystals, caught in webs of silver golden thread.

AstroCharms” show scientific symbols of planets and zodiac signs used by ancient and modern astronomers. These gemstone and mythological astrology symbols from antiquity can contain hidden personalized meanings beneath the surface appearance of the design.

Mystics Web” creations energize the wearer with ethereal micro currents found occurring naturally in raw quartz and gemstone crystals.

Yoga Gems Namaste Collection” combines sacred imagery and symbols in ancient scriptures from Buddhist, Vedic and Tibetan influences with the potency of precious and semi-precious beads, metals and gemstones.

The “Renaissance” collection evokes the beauty and grace of a regal, illuminated, and spiritual time.

Tamara’s customized Limited Editions can be mystical conduits to self-communion and focus. Her numbered amulets are reserved custom orders and as such, will not be repeated. Each work of art is created with a signed certificate of authenticity. Designed for confident, intelligent, sensual individuals, these personalized power adornments are uniquely configured to the radiant essence of your being.